Scott Nelson moves on to the next chapter

Scott Nelson is retiring after working for 10 years at the Block Island School as the daytime custodian.Nelson was first introduced to Block Island through family. Nelson, his wife, and their two boys had just moved back to Massachusetts after living in Arizonafor five years when his brother-in-law introduced him to Howie Rice, who at the time, had a construction business. Rice was looking for an equipment operatorand Nelson took the job and moved full-time to the island in February, 1996.“I realized that Block Island was very similar to the small town I grew up in. I’ve always enjoyed the outdoors and especially being around water, so living on an island seemed like a good thing to do,” Nelson said. “I not only appreciate the beauty of the island but also the solitude it offers. At the height of summer when crowds are plentiful, I can walk in any direction and in 15 minutes find a quiet place to sun, swim, walk, read a book, or just listen, all by myself.”Nelson says some of his favorite “island friends” included a couple of ospreys, a seal he named Wilbur, and numerous deer and gulls. He also shared one of

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