Seeing the Civil Rights movement first-hand

On Monday Jan. 20, the country honored and remembered the leader of the American civil rights movement Martin Luther King, Jr., a minister and activist who fought for racial equality in America. Dr. King used the power of his words to raise awareness of the racism present in America during those turbulent times.
Robert Ellis Smith, a man who also lived a life in using writing as a championing voice, documented the racial inequality he witnessed in America through journalism.
From an article published by The Southern Courier in Smith’s words: “I became a journalist because I am very curious and have a short attention span… I was outraged that there were parts of the country that I couldn’t travel safely in, that others could not travel freely in. I was outraged that in parts of the U.S., persons were denied the right to vote, to get a decent job, to stay in travel accommodations or eat in a restaurant of their choice.”
“I went south to make sure these rights were available to all Americans. I was also motivated by the idea that my generation could be more effective

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