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Senior Advisory Committee sets priorities, outlines next budget

Caregivers for the island’s elderly, and housing for both seniors and caregivers. Transportation, both on and off the island. A larger budget for more professional staff.
The town’s Senior Advisory Committee has consistently identified and named these and other priorities to meet the needs of Block Island’s elder population in their meetings over the years.
At their Nov. 19 meeting, the committee members laid out a vision for the future as input to the town’s Charter Review Commission, and began to plan its budget request to the town for the next fiscal year based on that vision.
Committee Co-Chair Sandra Kelly read a list of priorities taken from the narrative they had previously developed.
Kelly began: “Looking ahead as the needs of the senior population continue to increase, SAC anticipates the necessity for developing the following resources:
More town financial support and funding.
Access to more qualified caregivers.
Housing for seniors and caregivers.
An adult care residence.
A fully sustained transportation program.
A respite program for caregivers and their family members.
A fully sustained educational program.
A fully sustained social

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