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Senior Advisory Committee shifting its programming

The Senior Advisory Group is a jolly one, even when facing obstacles, offering up plenty of quips and “don’t put that in the paper” remarks.Currently one of the biggest issues they are facing is the replacement of Gloria Redlich as the senior coordinator, a part-time position. As noted at the SAC’s meeting on Tuesday, June 20, Redlich has offered to stay in the position – she was hoping to retire as of June 30 – until it is filled, although she will be working remotely.One problem was some confusion about advertising for Redlich’s position, although a bit later when the newly hired Human Services Director, Kim Einloth joined the meeting, she said the position would be advertised until filled.Einloth also discussed the possibility of advertising in some local mainland papers, to get a broader reach. She felt the salary was “competitive” and stressed that “we want to find the right person.”When asked, Einloth said she had had “a couple of nibbles” in terms of people inquiring about the job, one from someone on the island, and one from the mainland.The SAC would also like to

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