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Senior Café now open to the public

The new Senior Café is up and running at the community center on Tuesdays and Thursday afternoons from 1 to 3:30 p.m. for those who want to stop by for some socializing, games, or other fun activities.“I’m a little disappointed at attendance,” said Gail Pierce at the Senior Advisory’s meeting on July 19. While the first week the café was open there were 17 attendees, last week there were only three, she said.Charles McMellon said there were a lot of activities at the first one. “Maybe we should have a canasta or cribbage tournament.”It wasn’t long before Pierce was roped into teaching others to play canasta, and it will, along with other games, be programmed into the activities at the café. “My thought was one hour of instruction and one hour of play,” said Pierce. Canasta is a card game using two decks of cards and usually played by four people as two sets of partners. It is a type of rummy. Other ideas are to hold master classes, arts and crafts sessions, yoga, self-defense, and workshops or talks with guests. Member Chuck McMellon offered to do a workshop on genealogy. “There’s so much more than,” he

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