Seniors present their projects to family and friends

The Block Island School adopted the senior project as a graduation requirement over 12 years ago. At that time, the Rhode Island Department of Education (RIDE) instituted additional requirements beyond the usual 20 credits of this and that, and let schools choose from a variety of “performance-based diploma assessments.” Schools could take their pick of a graduation portfolio, student exhibitions, senior project and/or a capstone project.Completing a Senior Project and presenting it to the public is one of the rites of passage of being a student in Rhode Island and it’s probably more exciting for the public, friends, and family, than for the students themselves. The idea is to independently research a topic of choice, with the help of, and under the guidance of a mentor, write a lengthy paper, and then do a related project that can and must be presented to the public. This spring the presentation was limited to family, mentors, and a few invited guests.This year the students of the Block Island School showed a heightened awareness of environmental and social issues, and mental and physical health. Athletics play a large role in the life of a Block Island School student, and was the

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