Block Island Times

Special meeting to be set for water main project

The Town Council approved language that will ask registered voters to approve financing 25 percent of the cost of a water main project that is one of the primary water distribution systems for the entire town. The language will appear on the warrant at a Special Financial Town Meeting that will specifically address the project, which the council also approved at its meeting on Monday, Dec. 3. Although the meeting was approved, it has yet to be scheduled.
While the cost of the project is estimated at about $2.3 million, that pricetag — and the town’s financial support — could be cut by about $1 million if a federal loan the Water Company is applying for comes through.
Water Company Supt. John Breunig said the High Street/Payne Road Main Replacement Project is important to the entire town, not just customers of the water district. If the pipe failed, he said, it would affect, among other facilities, the Block Island School and the Medical Center. “Two important buildings right there,” said Breunig.
“You’re talking about a significant impact if there was a catastrophic failure of the water system,” said First Warden

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