Spending prevails at Financial Town Meeting

“Now the hard part starts. You’ve got 30 days.” That was the advice of Assistant Town Moderator Doug Michel after the vote was counted on whether the town should contribute $4.5 million to the $10.5 million acquisition of a portion of the Overlook property on the Great Salt Pond, between Champlin’s Marina and the Salt Pond Settlement. The bonding for the purchase was approved at the annual Financial Town Meeting on Monday, May 3. by a vote of 115 to 81, after more than an hour of discussion, comments, and questions from the public and a call for the vote to be taken by paper ballot – a motion introduced by Jessica Willi and approved by at least 20 percent of those present and voting, as is necessary for that type of a motion to pass. The 30 days refers to some contingencies – an appraisal must be completed and be “acceptable to the Town Council,” although what specific parameters would make it unacceptable have not been spelled out. The property must also be approved for a subdivision by the Planning Board. That matter is scheduled to be on the Planning Board’s agenda for May 12. If the

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