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Sports shop owner pursues musical talents

“Some might be surprised to know that I pursue music on the side.”
The current lockdown has inspired some island residents to use their downtime to focus on creative endeavors and hobbies, including Jim Ortel.
Ortel, co-owner of the Block Island Sport Shop, has been taking advantage of this time to focus on his music. Ortel recently posted on YouTube his new song, “Fighting Chaos,” which can be found here:
The Block Island Times spoke with Ortel to gain a little insight into his music.
Q: Please introduce yourself, and the role music plays in your life?
A: Most of your readership will know me as the co-owner, with my wife Marion, of Block Island Sport Shop. Most recently, in fact, it was a few years ago, I played drums for an island-based band called Other Than Here with Max Balmforth and Ned Phillips, Jr. I have also worked with Glenda Luck and Peter Jacob, and have had the opportunity to jam with several other island musicians over the years.
Q: Who is in the music project, and when did the project come together?
A: The band is

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