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Statement from Finn’s regarding COVID positive worker

A statement from Finn’s Block Island dated July 7, 2020 to The Block Island Times:
On Sunday, July 5, after a busy holiday weekend, we were informed at approximately 8:45 p.m. by the Block Island Medical Center that one of our returning employees had tested positive — after first testing negative on June 30 and not showing any symptoms — of COVID-19 .
Upon notification, we activated our COVID response plan and have temporarily closed Finn’s Kitchen + Fish Market while we test/retest employees and thoroughly disinfect the property. Our plan is to reopen before the end of the month but we have not yet determined an exact date.
We are working closely with the Block Island Medical Center and the Rhode Department of Health to implement contact tracing and have turned over all relevant information, started quarantining staff that had direct contact, as well as testing/retesting staff as guided by the DOH.
We remain vigilant, dedicated, and laser-focused on providing the island with a safe and exceptional dining experience. As always, we appreciate the continued support of our staff, patrons, and our wonderful community. — Finn’s
Additional Information Here’s what happened:
●  As part of our own preventative

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