Surveillance considered for Ball O’Brien Park

The members of the Recreation Board, concerned about ongoing vandalism at Ball O’Brien Park, are considering some sort of surveillance program for the area.
“I think there should be cameras at the playground,” said Board member Annie Hall.
Recreation Department Director Dave Sniffen said he felt that was a good idea. This past summer the picnic tables underneath the pavilion were tossed around and damaged, and a small fire was set at the skate park, doing a small amount of damage.
Sniffen said that the New Shoreham Police Department had increased its patrols in the area.
Given that the department is not allowed to have lighting at the park, Sniffen said he may look for infrared cameras. He also speculated that vandals are probably not entering the park from West Side Road side, but from the beach side.
Sniffen also wanted to get the word out about a new sports program that takes place at the Block Island School every Sunday.
It’s called Pickle Ball, and Sniffen described it as being like ping pong, only on a bigger scale. The game is played with paddles, a ball, and a net. (He said it was invented in the 1960s by a family from Washington State, who named it after their dog who kept stealing the balls.)
Although the idea for the game came to the Recreation Department from the Senior Advisory Committee, Sniffen said the game was open to all ages. “This is a low-impact, fun activity, but it’s challenging,” Sniffen said. “It’s not like Bingo.”
The game allows for players at any skill level.
“You don’t have to be intimidated, that’s kind of the whole idea,” Sniffen said.
The game plays every Sunday from 2 to 4 p.m. and is free and open to the public.

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