Tables vandalized at Ball O’Brien Park

Eleven picnic tables were vandalized at Ball O’Brien Park on Saturday, June 30, New Shoreham Recreation Director Dave Sniffen told The Block Island Times. Sniffen said the damaged tables created a “dangerous” situation for children playing in the park.
“It took place sometime Saturday night, when 11 tables were damaged,” said Sniffen. “I was notified about it Sunday morning by the New Shoreham Police dispatch. It was a dangerous situation for kids, as there were a lot of exposed nails.”
Sniffen noted that the Police Department was “notified and a report was filed. My reaction is one of mostly disappointment. I’m disappointed that someone would do something like this for no reason. I don’t think they thought about their actions, but it definitely put kids who use that playground in danger with all the nails sticking up.”
Sniffen said the Recreation Department has reassembled the tables. 


Block Island Times Article

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