Take them down says Historic District Commission

“No redeeming architectural qualities,” was the quick conclusion of Mike Ballard at the Historic District Commission meeting on Monday, May 23.
The application before the Commission was from Tiger Fish owners Ross and Brenna Audino for approval of the construction of pergolas on the front deck of the restaurant on Corn Neck Road.One problem was that the two pergolas had already been built. Ross Audino said he wanted to apologize to the commission, explaining that he did not think he was required to apply for the pergolas. He claimed they were not permanent installations, but Ballard disagreed, saying that they were bolted down.Commissioner Arlene Tunney said she also wanted to comment on the “South Sea” items attached to a fence that were “not in character with the Historic District.”“It doesn’t look quite true,” added Commissioner Martha Ball, who was chairing the meeting in Bill Penn’s absence.“I would like to see it gone,” said Tunney.Ball asked Ballard and Tunney if they would have voted against the application to build the pergolas if it had come in before, and both replied that they would have denied the design.Audino said he had tried umbrellas, but it was too windy, and he

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