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Technology updates at Town Hall, current system “archaic”

Caleb Roosa of Freedom Tech gave a technology briefing to the Town Council on August 4, and he didn’t pull any punches.Calling the file backup system “archaic” and “old school,” Roosa said: “This is what keeps us up at night.” Roosa explained that the Town of New Shoreham still uses magnetic tape backups as the primary means of file backup.“Shirlyne (Gobern) changes the tapes everyday,” Roosa told the council. “It is functional” but he would like to see “backups going to the Cloud as well.” Cloud backup will provide more safety and security, according to Roosa. Now that the town has broadband internet, at least at Town Hall, he recommends installing the means to facilitate overnight backup to the Cloud. Specifically, Freedom Tech recommends purchasing a dedicated backup device with onsite and Cloud backup.Roosa also told the council that Freedom Tech recommends replacing the outdated servers used in the town’s infrastructure. He explained that a server is a computer that runs network applications such as domains and databases. Several of the town’s servers are running programs that are no longer supported by Microsoft, and thus are not receiving security updates and are not considered secure.Councilor Keith Stover asked

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