Telecomm building arrives

One of the most visible symbols of the high-speed broadband network that is about to connect five town facilities arrived on the island on Saturday, Feb. 23: the telecomm building that will encase the technology that will make the fiber optic connections work.
The town’s IT specialist, Michelle Spero, who has been working on the project since the beginning, several years back, and she stood in the cold weather on that Saturday afternoon watching the cables being attached to the roof of the building. The cables, hung from an extended crane, were about to lift the building and swing it around onto its concrete foundation.
Sertex, the company installing the infrastructure needed to support the network, plans to be on the island Thursday, Feb. 28 to do the electric work inside the building, said Spero.
Building Official Marc Tillson is then expected to inspect the structure. After that, OSHEAN, the non-profit that provides internet-based solutions for community anchor institutions, will arrive the week beginning March 4 to begin the pre-staging work to install the technology inside the building.
High-speed internet service is expected to go live for the Block Island School, Town Hall, Safety Complex, Medical Center and Island Free Library by the end of March.

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