The 2020 Top stories in The Block Island Times

2020 was an unpredictable and challenging year to many. While the year was mostly dominated by Covid-19, Block Island also saw new projects started and new leadership in the community.
Here are The Block Island Times’s choices for the top news stories of 2020.
First Covid-19 case arrives on island, community takes action
The announcement of Covid-19 being present in the state of Rhode Island dates back to Feb. 2020 when the Rhode Island Department of Health issued a statement of possible Covid-19 presence in the state. The Town Council enacted an emergency ordinance on March 17, coming into full effect on March 24. Entities and organizations on the island quickly followed the council’s ordinances through mask wearing, social distancing, and use of sanitation.
The first Covid-19 case on the island was reported on April 27 by the Block Island Medical Center. A Covid-19 testing and response plan was presented by BIMC Director Dr. Tom Warcup at a Town Council meeting on May 20, with the plan divided into three categories: island residents, employers and employees, and day travelers. In November, the BIMC reported an increase in Covid-19 numbers, compared to the summer season. The BIMC was then

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