The Adventure of His Life

A note from BIYC Writing Contest Director William Young:
I would like to apologize to the readers of The Block Island Times for a mixup. The story published in last week’s paper, “Journeys Ahead” was written by Amira Veldman-Wilson, not Chloe Weber. This was my error. I mislabeled the stories when I sent them to the paper. I am sorry for the confusion that this caused. I have reached out to both Chloe and Amira and apologized for the mistake.
Ed. Note: The Block Island Yacht Club created the Short Story contest several years ago as an opportunity for juniors and seniors to write creatively about the island. There are three judges, anonymous to each other and the students, who are given the stories not knowing who wrote them. This is the second best entry (last week’s story by Amira was judged third best).
Evan ran down the bulkhead stairs into the basement, turning on the light, he tried to imagine all the things they would need. Looking around he saw a few of them, extra life jackets, a sail bag containing a new sail, still unused, and a few tools — just in case. Next he called

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