The Block Island Times gets a new editor…

The Block Island Times is pleased to announce that Renée Meyer has been named the new editor of the paper. Meyer, who has been involved with The Times dating back to 1999, has always shared a passion for writing and featuring stories of the small community she calls home.
Publisher of The Times Michael Schroeder shared his thoughts on the acceptance of Meyer as the new Editor. Meyer will be replacing previous Editor Lars Trodson when he leaves for his new Executive Director position at the Block Island Chamber of Commerce on Monday, Jan. 4
“Renée has a long history with The Times, and as a part-time editor, has read just about every story in the paper for the past decade. Well before that, she worked on our special publications,” said Schroeder.
“She brings a wealth of knowledge of what’s happening in the areas that shape the island, and will be expanding her experience as editor. Along with solid reporting from Rosemary Connelli and all the great contributors that support us, we will continue to put out the paper our readers deserve,” added Schroeder.
The Times chatted with Meyer to gather some background on her interests and experience

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