The Four Roses

Who knows at the time what memories will stay with them all their lives?
Arriving on the island one morning just after the new year in 1973 with Peder Schaefer, a friend and co-worker from summers at the Narragansett Inn, I literally took off for an island tour in a jeep Eleanor Mott had graciously made available to us.
The day was bright sun, charged by a blistering wind that blew us from side to side down the deserted roads, the light glinting off the snow and ice which enveloped the frozen landscape in every direction. After we descended Bush Lot Hill and headed toward Sandy Point, the sight of ice boats racing up and down Sachem Pond came into view.
When we reached the shore by Settlers Rock, the first person I saw was Ken Rose. Ken was a carpenter who for many years oversaw the maintenance of all the wooden buildings that comprised the Spring House and Narragansett. Among my numerous summer jobs for the Mott Family, the absolute favorite was to be assigned as his assistant from time to time. 
Assistant is a very generous term as I was the next closest thing to

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