The life and art of Jim Stevenson celebrated in documentary

Jim Stevenson. When most people hear his name, they quickly associate him with his cartoons and writings. But a recent documentary, “Stevenson – Lost and Found”, takes a deeper look into how Stevenson became the man he is widely known for, and not known for. Stevenson, who was an island summer resident since the early nineties and passed away at 87 in 2017, was revered for his prolific works as a writer, illustrator and long-time cartoonist and cover artist for The New Yorker. The documentary of Stevenson’s life was recently shown at the Block Island Film Festival and won its Spotlight Award.
Josie Merck, artist, partner, and best friend to Stevenson, recently spoke with The Block Island Times to share insights into his life, legacy, and the spirit that continues to exist through his work and the film.
Q: Hi Josie! Can you introduce yourself, your background, and your connection to Jim Stevenson? Who was Jim Stevenson, if you could describe him in a few sentences?
JM: My name is Josie Merck, and I grew up in several countries and eventually returned to the United States. I studied at Sarah Lawrence College for painting, married in 1971 for

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