The power of a uniform

“Our beach was perfectly calm,” said Barbara MacMullan, chair of the Block Island Land Trust the day after the 8-hour long Reggae Fest at Ballard’s Beach Resort. The beach in reference is just south of Ballard’s beach and under-age drinking has been a problem there in the past.On July 4, there was a large party at the site, prompting Police Chief Matthew Moynihan to ask the board to hire a security guard to monitor the Land Trust’s property that contains a path to the shore. He suggested the security guard could inspect back packs and coolers for alcohol and confiscate it if necessary.The Land Trust’s meeting on August 10, the first in-person meeting in a year-and-a-half, gave the members a chance to evaluate, although Scott Comings, of The Nature Conservancy said: “It could be a one and done,” given the increasing rates of Covid.It turns out such dramatic actions as search and seizure aren’t necessary. MacMullan said she had talked to the security guard who told her: “They see us in uniform and they just turn and walk the other way.”MacMullan said they hired “Bob from Metro Security,” the same company used by the Block Island Grocery, to

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