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The Wrack Line – Town News Roundup

Shellfish Commission upping fines for violationsThe Shellfish Commission has settled on a new fine structure for shell-fishing violations. Instead of getting a $50 fine no matter what the transgression, the new fines are on a tiered system and cover several categories. A second violation of shell-fishing without a license or outside a designated area comes with a fine of $250 and license revocation.The taking of undersized shellfish is a particular problem, and member Jim McCormick said, “That’s the category we want to hit hard.” The original proposal was a fine of $50 for one to 20 undersized shellfish, but commissioners decided the line of demarcation should be 10. “Yeah,” said Chairman George Davis, “by the time you get to 11, you’re doing something on purpose.”The new fine structure, which was adopted by the Shellfish Commission at its meeting on February 22, will now go to the Town Council for approval.Something’s rotten on DodgeThe Historic District Commission approved three projects at its meeting on Monday, February 26. First up was Robert Kenney who purchased Murphy’s Auto, the old garage and former gas

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