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The Wrack Line

This week on the moped front:
Per the July 19, 2021 New Shoreham Police Department press release, on Sunday the department confiscated 21 rental mopeds because the drivers were driving erratically, including standing up while driving, driving more than two abreast, driving on the sidewalk, and not wearing helmets. The police contacted the moped owners, who came and picked up the mopeds.“Block Island is a beautiful place, and we want visitors and residents to enjoy its natural beauty and fun atmosphere safely. Unsafe and aggressive driving will not be tolerated in New Shoreham, and we hope that our response to these incidents will make visitors think twice before bringing bad behavior with them onvacation,” Police Chief Matthew Moynihan said.Moynihan is working to change the ‘anything goes’ atmosphere on Block Island with increased presence and enforcement during his first year on the job.
Town council confronts RIAC proposals:On Monday the Town Council voted by unanimous decision to have Town Manager Maryanne Crawford write a letter to the Rhode Island Airport Corporation outlining the town’s position on the proposals submitted by Cushman and Wakefield on behalf of RIAC. In the proposal, Cushman and Wakefield have offered 4 pieces of the

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