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Block Island experiencing a Covid breakout
The past couple of weeks have seen a dramatic rise in positive Covid cases. The R.I. Department of Health had the island’s cumulative case count since the start of thepandemic up by four cases in the week of May 8, but anecdotally, the number who have tested positive is far, far higher with at least a dozen cases in the past two weeks. The Department of Health only counts those who were tested at a state testing site, so the totals do not reflect those who test positive at the Block Island Medical Center, at theBlock Island School, or at home.Alison Warfel, Director of Wellness and Risk Reduction at the Block Island Medical Center tells The Times that Covid boosters are available at pharmacies on the mainland including CVS, McQuade’s, Green Line, and Seaside.CVS, McQuade’s and Seaside will fly over home test kits, which are also available in limited supply at the Block Island Grocery.
Block Island School
The Block Island School is winding down the year and already making plans for next fall. The School Committee approved the appointment of Roberta Closter to replace retiring high school science teacher Dr. Sue

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