‘Thinking of you’

On Monday, March 30, a group of islanders gathered in their cars, some of which were decorated and with passengers holding up signs of encouragement, and drove around the island to wave and say hello to the island’s older residents who are missing their normal social interactions during this time of self-isolation.
Organizer Rosemary Tobin, who is a Realtor, told us how the event came about:
“I obviously have more time on my hands these days and I saw that the Senior Advisory Committee had put out an advisory asking to help out our seniors. I nominated my family to help and [Senior Coordinator] Gloria [Redlich] called and said Elva [Derby] needed help with her garden and so my kids and I went over and cleaned up her yard and helped with her birds. Elva said, ‘It’s been so lonely,’ but she said one of her friends drove by and honked and that made her happy. I said, ‘Why don’t we do that for everybody?’ We decided to do a whole island parade. I put out an email and said we’re going to drive around the island. We got it together and

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