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Thriller filmed on Block Island available online tomorrow

There are a lot of familiar faces in the movie ‘Dead Sound.” That’s because the nautical thriller was filmed on the island a couple of years ago, although at that time the production was called simply “Block Island.”
The film is being screened on a number of video-on-demand streaming services beginning Tuesday, March 3. Last week, The Block Island Times spoke with co-producer/co-writer Jon Adler and director Tony Glazer about their experiences on the film. The plot is simple: a group of college friends miss the ferry from New London and have to chart a fishing boat to the get to the island.
The trip, however, turns out to be a little nastier than just enduring a bumpy ride.
These are brief excerpts from the interview. The full version can be found in this week’s edition of The Block Island Times.
Co-producer and co-writer Jon Adler was asked what inspired him to write the script and how the movie changed from ‘Block Island’ to ‘Dead Sound:’
“The original title for the film, ‘Block Island,’ was great, but my sales agent requested that we come up with a title that sounds more ominous and better suited for the style

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