Thriller filmed on Block Island in wide release this week

There are a lot of familiar faces in the movie ‘Dead Sound.” That’s because the nautical thriller was filmed on the island a couple of years ago, although at that time the production was called simply “Block Island.” You’ll see André Boudreau, Allie McCabe, and a number of other island residents, along with a number of familiar locations in Old Harbor and inside Yellow Kittens.
The plot is simple enough: a group of college friends miss the ferry from New London and have to chart a fishing boat to get to the island. The trip, however, turns out to be a little nastier than just enduring a bumpy ride.
The film, which debuted at several film festivals, is now in wide digital release on video-on-demand streaming services. The Block Island Times spoke with co-producer/co-writer Jon Adler and director Tony Glazer about their experiences on the film. Here is Mr. Adler:
Q: I wanted to get something out of the way. When you were filming out here, the movie was called “Block Island.” It’s being released as “Dead Sound.” Why the change in name?
A: Well, first of all,

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