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Tourism Board must turn over records in Filippi case, Attorney General says

The Block Island Tourism Council allegedly met in secret to force out former President Steve Filippi last year, and will have to turn over all communications related to the matter, State Attorney General Peter Neronha said in a report released on Tuesday.
It found the board had violated the Access to Public Records Act, and demanded the release of all related records.
The report says that both the board itself and each individual member is required to provide written and electronic data, including e-mails and notes, within two weeks or face fines of up to $2,000. It also was “very concerned” that “rather than cooperating with this Office’s investigation, the Council refused to provide information regarding whether such records exist and are maintained by the council members.”
In response, Filippi wants all members of the board to resign.
“Our precious community has zero tolerance for dishonesty and illegal meetings by its public officials. We are calling on the Tourism Council members to do the right thing and immediately resign from their positions,” Filippi said Friday.
The matter is related to a television appearance by Filippi during the early days of the pandemic
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