Block Island Times

Town budget moves on for voter approval

In line with provisions in the newly amended Town Charter, the Town Council held two hearings on the proposed town budget for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2021, to receive comments from the public.With only one person commenting during the virtual hearings on Wednesday and Thursday, April 7 and 8, the council approved the latest draft budget without changes and authorized the town manager to move forward with a request to the state government to approve an increase in the property tax above the annual cap set by state law.On April 7, Town Manager Maryanne Crawford summarized the work she and Finance Director Amy Land had done on the proposed budget. “Both of us are confident that this budget will provide expected town services and meet the needs of our growing school. It will afford us time to plan, source, and secure potential federal funding for additional long-term projects that will be needed to fund future growth and mitigate infrastructure stresses, while deploying technology to deliver efficiencies.”The Town Council had approved only one change from the original draft – splitting about $27,000 in savings from health insurance premiums between the Block Island Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department

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