Block Island Times

Town Council addresses several legal matters

The agenda for the July 3 Town Council meeting indicated that three separate items were to be discussed in closed session: an errant stone wall, and two items related to collective bargaining.The inclusion of the stone wall, that, it is alleged, was built on town property was an error, according to First Warden Keith Stover, who also took full responsibility for it.The wall in question is at Mansion Beach, in the upper entrance to the parking lot, (Plat 3, Lot 128), and despite the item having been slated for a closed session on the agenda, the owner of the wall, Mike Anderson, addressed the council in open session.Anderson said that the error in placement was discovered during construction, and that Town Facilities Manager (evidently in his role as building official) had given him the okay to finish it. “It was half built when we had the conversation,” said Anderson. Then, he said, he received a certified letter from the town.Anderson went on explaining the situation, and the cost for rectifying it. He said it “looked good” and couldn’t be seen from the road. “In my

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