Town Council bans parking on Old Town Road

After two hours of listening to the public make their feelings known on Thursday, Aug. 11 about “the incidents that occurred” on August 8, members of the Town Council and remaining audience members were getting a little punchy, but persisted in getting to the bottom of the agenda.Still to go were the appointment of an interim police chief, and the discussion of whether or not to ban parking on Old Town Road. First Warden André Boudreau turned the floor over to Town Manager Maryanne Crawford who announced the selection of Walter “Chip” Anderson as interim police chief for the Town of New Shoreham, pending the approval of the Town Council.After the resignation of Matthew Moynihan in the spring, Peter Chabot of the Rhode Island State Police had been serving as an interim chief, but his time was slated to be up as of the end of the weekend.Anderson has also been a member of the Rhode Island State Police. He retired after 20 years and then subsequently spent 15 years as a seasonal officer on Block Island, so he is a familiar face on the island.As interim chief, Anderson’s first day on the job was Monday, August 15.Boudreau

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