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Town Council chooses island proposal over RIPTA’s

The Town Council decided to stick with a local solution at its meeting on Monday, March 1 instead of accepting the Rhode Island Public Transit Authority’s offer of two trolley-style buses to provide public transportation on the island this summer.
“As you remember a few weeks ago, we met with the Commission on Motor Vehicles for Hire and asked both the MVFH and RIPTA to come back with proposals,” said Town Manager Maryanne Crawford. “I ask the council, what is your pleasure in that regard?”
RIPTA’s transit plan for the island included two trolley-style buses, 35 feet long and nine feet wide. The local, alternative proposal presented by taxi owner Judy Clark and Motor Vehicles for Hire Chair Brad Marthens would use a standard passenger van, 21 feet long and six feet wide. An electric vehicle could possibly be involved in the future as an extra shuttle.
Some council members had expressed concerns about RIPTA’s vehicles operating on the island’s roads, especially during a season when traffic congestion intensifies. Second Warden Sven Risom had seen one of RIPTA’s smaller trolleys in operation while in Providence recently.
“I did have a chance to see a couple of the trolleys

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