Town Council continues Ballard’s licensing decisions, approves others

The Town Board of License Commissioners held its annual liquor and outdoor entertainment license renewal meeting on November 3, but not before first gatheringas the Town Council to discuss a resolution concerning cooperation on liquor law enforcement with license holders. Only one license holder attended the meeting.The resolution seeks to develop a partnership with license holders to ensure “Block Island is an orderly and welcoming community and to enforcing the town’s ordinances and state laws governing the consumption of alcohol and the responsible behavior of patrons who have been served alcohol…”Although there were a few tweaks to the language, Council Member Keith Stover said: “I like it. It’s part of an ongoing effort to communicate and partner with liquor license holders.”The resolution specifically mentions the “complaints about public intoxication, violations of the town ordinance prohibiting open containers of alcohol, the serving of alcoholic beverages to minors, and incidents that appear to be a direct result of the over-consumption of alcohol, and while not all behaviors are the result of the service of alcohol at licensed establishments, the town and its liquor license holders must takethese concerns seriously…”“Some of them do a great job,” said Stover. Regarding last summer,

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