Block Island Times

Town Council enacts emergency ordinance

On Tuesday, March 17, the Block Island Town Council unanimously passed an Emergency Ordinance that has set guidelines for travelers coming to the island from the mainland, discourages non-residents from coming to Block island, limits the number of people that can gather together, essentially shuts down Town Hall except for a minimal amount of personnel, and cancels all but the most essential town meetings.
The ordinance will be in full force until April 15, 2020.
The meeting on Tuesday was sometimes tense.
Perhaps the primary point of contention was who should be required to self-quarantine if they have traveled from the mainland to Block island. The council at first discussed instituting a radius on the mainland. If travelers arrived from within that area they would need to self-quarantine. 
In order to get some guidance on the matter, Councilor Martha Ball made a call to Dr. Mark Clark who said that idea of implementing a radius “does not solve your problem. If someone is on the island [with the virus], you’ve broken the seal.” Dr. Clark has strongly recommended that everyone on Block Island practice social distancing.

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