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Town Council examines proposed changes to Home Rule Charter

The Town Council started a discussion on the Home Rule Charter’s proposed changes brought forth by the Charter Review Commission on Wednesday, Dec. 16, but had to continue the conversation to Monday, Dec. 21. The CRC has been reviewing the Home Rule Charter of New Shoreham (as adopted by the voters of New Shoreham on Nov. 2, 2010) since last September. The document is reviewed every 10 years, and revised as necessary.
In a Thursday, Oct. 15 article submitted by CRC member Keith Stover to The Block Island Times, Stover explained the significance of the Home Rule Charter:
“Towns in Rhode Island, and many towns throughout New England, are guided in their structure and governance by a Home Rule Charter. The town charter is the foundation of local government, covering everything from the length of terms of local elected officials to the essential duties of the Town Manager and Town Council, from how our town’s meetings are conducted to the structure and makeup of nearly all of the town’s boards and committees. The charter is the stable reference point for nearly all aspects of how our local government operates, and is a comprehensive document consulted regularly in the

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