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Town Council hears manager’s spring report

Quite a few items were discussed at the Town Council meeting on April 21, 2021. This was to be expected, as they had released an 18-point agenda earlier in the week. Besides the discussion and votes pertaining to the proposed acquisition of a portion of the Overlook property, a few other tweaks were made to the Warrant for the Financial Town Meeting.The council voted to include the request for $1.3 million for a replacement fire truck. Town Manager Maryanne Crawford asked to have one item, $1.5 million for housing for town employees, removed since shedid not as yet have a finalized plan of action for this item. The council removed the item, then voted to include the next item, $2 million for the Housing Board. See the full warrant on page 15.The council also considered the notice of the Department of Environmental Management Agency’s proposed raising of parking fees in Galilee. The proposal is to double all fees in the State Lot for placards, and raise the daily rate to $15 a day. No town councilors were supportive of the DEM proposal. Councilor Keith Stover mentioned that you do not always get a spot in the summer on

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