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Town Council mobilizes to reduce rescue calls

Concerned about the number of calls the Volunteer Rescue Squad has been making this summer season, the Town Council met in an emergency session to see what could be done about reducing accidents and injuries, and to provide relief to the EMTs if possible.
It was Rescue Squad Capt. Tracy Fredericks who sounded the alarm a couple of weeks ago, and Second Warden André Boudreau issued a statement on July 28 that said, in blunt and colorful terms, that bad behavior was not welcome on the island.
In an effort to reduce moped accidents in particular, the town and Police Chief Vin Carlone have been working with moped operators to increase safety measures and to perhaps hire monitors that could call in infractions by moped riders.
“We have some suggestions on things we can do. It’s been a lot of work and it’s hard to watch people get hurt like that. We want to talk about what we can do to make some changes,” said Fredericks at the meeting that was held on Wednesday, July 29.
Fredericks shared a breakdown of rescue calls and injuries. The majority of injuries and accidents pertained to the mopeds, along with an

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