Town Council reviews Fourth of July

Summer is upon us, and as always, with July comes a host of problems, some new, and some that return every year.This year’s Fourth of July weekend was as busy as ever, but despite that, interim Police Chief Peter Chabot told the Town Council on Tuesday, July 5 that “based on the number of people getting off the boats, accidents and incidents were fairly minimal.”Chabot did express however that since it was his first Fourth of July on Block Island, he did not have anything to compare it to. In part he attributed the relative calm to police presence. “I want to give the men and women of the police department and the community service officers a pat on the back because they were extremely visible,” he said.As far as accidents, Chabot said there was one moped accident “where a moped went off the road,” and “a couple of other minor accidents, one involving a bicycle and a pedestrian.” At the time of the meeting, he was waiting for a more detailed report from the Rescue Department as to what they responded to over the four days.Chabot did acknowledge that there had been a couple of arrests and

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