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Town Council schedules emergency meeting; Medical Center urges common sense guidelines

Two important messages were issued by First Warden Ken Lacoste and the Block Island Medical Center on Sunday, March 15.
From First Warden Ken Lacoste:
I’ve called an emergency meeting with the Town Council, Interim Town Manager Jim Kern, Dr. Clark, EMA Co-Directors Bill McCombe, Peter Gempp, and Vin Carlone, for Monday at 4 p.m. to take action locally to slow the spread of the Covid-19. This is a public meeting, and the press will be in attendance, but we must limit attendance to the listed participants because that is clearly the safest course now. Social distancing is the recommendation of our health care professionals and the Governor’s directives. We will put out a statement as soon as possible after the meeting.
Please email your questions, ideas and concerns to any member of the Town Council. We will discuss them all at the meeting. We will try to answer all that we can. If we cannot answer your question, we will get more information.
We understand that many have concerns about both the immediate situation and the coming summer season.
This is an evolving Public Safety event and we need to react to the constantly evolving facts,

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