Block Island Times

Town Council to meet with first responders tomorrow night

The Block Island Town Council is scheduled to meet tomorrow night with island first responders on what assistance they may need throughout the rest of the summer and other issues related to the emergency ordinance that was passed in March.
Prior to the meeting, Second Warden André Boudreau issued a statement that was directed at people who may be thinking of coming to the island.
“We need to assist our volunteers in any way we can. Nobody expected the summer we are currently having.
“I’m hoping to find an immediate short term solution to the issues the BIVFR and all our EMA personnel are facing.
“This dialogue also needs to lead to an honest and open discussion within our community as a whole on the broader issue of what kind of place we want to be in the post-Covid world.
“Our current problem is getting people to realize we’re in a serious worldwide pandemic now.  
“I think we can all agree that a significant number of our guests this year are out of control and the level of disrespect for our community is off the charts. This is unacceptable to me, our residents, and to all the

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