Block Island Times

Town Council vows to press on with affordable housing

The New Shoreham Town Council was to conduct a public hearing on a new ordinance proposed and written by resident and Block Island Housing Board member Chris Warfel on March 27, but chose to hold off temporarily.“Apropos of this conversation,” said First Warden Keith Stover, “we’re in an environment for the next 90 to 120 days where the [Rhode Island] Speaker of the House is ready to lay down on the tracks to revamp housing. I would rather not write two ordinances…we’ll see what [Joseph] Shekarchi comes up with.”Stover continued, saying that the town would work closely with Shekarchi’s staff to be part of the process, “because I think we have a unique opportunity with the speaker. We’re a supportive town, and there will be lots [of towns] that aren’t.”As far as the proposed ordinance for Block Island, Stover felt work needed to be continued in “a parallel direction,” and asked Warfel to walk the council through his proposal.Warfel thanked the council for their support, but wished to continue the work. “I still think we should pursue it,” he said. “The state might even like

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