Block Island Times

Town looks to regulate short-term rentals

“A very preliminary rough draft for discussion only” is the note on a proposed ordinance on short term rentals that will be discussed at the Town Council’s work session on Wednesday, August 2.“It’s a working document – a rough draft, but very nicely written,” said Councilor Molly O’Neill at the council’s meeting on July 19.The draft ordinance was put together by Town Solicitor Nick Solitro in part from language used by other communities, and is six pages long, including definitions. “It errs on the side of over-including,” said First Warden Keith Stover.O’Neill said that there was a “history” of short-term rentals on Block Island, although they haven’t always been called by that name. She said that under the ordinance, people would need to obtain a license to rent their properties, and that there would be “a process whereby the town certifies that the building is legal to rent…for the number of people – all kinds of things like that.”Broadly speaking, the draft ordinance calls for property owners to register their short-term rentals, defined as dwelling units that are rented out for 30 days or

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