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Town Manager provides detailed updates for ongoing projects

After just about a month on the job, Town Manager Maryanne Crawford provided the Town Council with a full laundry list of projects and activities that will be ongoing into the end of the year and beyond, while also giving a recap of the summer.
Crawford first noted that she will start conversations with the Police Department on safety and traffic issues.
“I thought it was best to provide information dating back to January to try to add perspective. With that said, I have not as of yet had the time to discuss the raw data with Chief Vin Carlone and his staff, but expect to in the coming weeks. The Chief has asked the State Police to provide him with citations and issues during the weekends they were assisting in patrolling the island,” said Crawford.
She also highlighted that Wastewater Treatment Plant Supt. Dylan Chase reported that as of Aug. 31, Covid-19 had not been detected in test results going back to August.
Crawford gave a summary from the Recreation Department’s summer, including the challenges the department faced with opening the Pavilion at Fred Benson Town Beach and keeping local kids active at Camp Mohegan. Various sports

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