Town Manager search begins

The Town Manager Search Committee began its most recent meeting discussing the application process for a new town manager and if the process should be tweaked. The members discussed the qualifications of candidates who responded and also making changes to advertising strategy, if necessary, and reviewing the interview process and candidate questions. The meeting took place on Monday, Dec. 9 at Town Hall.
While the search committee is seeking a fulltime candidate for the manager’s position, the search for an interim manager continues with the members of the Town Council.
Town Manager Ed Roberge will leave his position on Dec. 20, after unexpectedly giving his notice on Oct. 19. First Warden Ken Lacoste said he had hoped to have an interim manager by Dec. 10, but the interview process is ongoing, he said. Lacoste said he hoped to name the interim manager candidate soon so that the candidate could possibly meet with Roberge before his departure, but all of this is “in the works at this point,” said Lacoste.
In terms of the process for the full time successor to Roberge, Search Committee Chair Margie Comings said, “I think we

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