Town manager Search Committee lines up candidates

“There was a vote for moving ahead with eight, possibly nine, people who applied for the town manager position,” announced Search Committee Chair Margie Comings.
The vote had been approved in closed session, and was announced in open session at the Search Committee meeting on Monday, Feb. 10 at Town Hall.
Jim Kern is currently the interim town manager. The Committee is undergoing a search process for a permanent successor. Former Town Manager Ed Roberge resigned in October.
The committee discussed the list of questions they have prepared for the interview process, not wanting to tip their hand before the candidates come in for the interviews.
The committee will meet at a later date to approve and finalize interview questions before interviews commence.
The committee moved forward to the next agenda item, to review and approve the candidate interview evaluation form.
“It is basically the same one that was used two years ago, and I think it worked pretty well,” said Comings.
The board motioned to approve the list of criteria for the candidates’ interview evaluation.
Setting dates for candidate

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