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Town may hold FTM in mid-July

It looks like some form of a Financial Town Meeting is a go, and perhaps as early as mid-July.
Town Finance Director Amy Land informed the Town Council that state guidelines — although not yet put down on paper — were relaxing enough to have some kind of Financial Town Meeting with public participation. At the council’s Zoom meeting on Wednesday, May 27, Land recommended an upcoming schedule for the town budget work sessions, the public hearings, and the strategies for allowing public participation in the sessions and hearings.
“As we discussed last week, it is time to resume the work on the Fiscal Year 2021 budget. What I’m proposing here is to reserve Mondays in June for that purpose,” said Land.
Land suggested holding a budget review on June 8 “and then move into what some of the recommended changes are. After that first overview and department level review, I would come back to some of the community support items in our second meeting on June 15 — health services, fire and rescue, Early Learning Center, possibly back to the school if we need to… and those would be work sessions. If we needed to, we would

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