Triathlon returns for another run

It was a hot, sticky Saturday morning as at least 231 people jumped into the water at Fred Benson Town Beach to start the 2021 Block Island Triathlon, held by the Block Island Recreation Department.. Just under three hours later, the last person crossed the finish line.The event started with a quarter-mile swim with the women starting first in three separate, staggered starts, followed by the men with their own staggered starts. Afterexiting the water there was a rush to get on the bikes and complete the 12-mile cycling course that ran up Beach Avenue to Center Road and then went around the west side, twice, before heading back to the beach, where the race finished with a four-mile run on the sand.While the racers were out on their bikes, volunteers set up tables with water, Gatorade, bananas and cut oranges. An ambulance stood by, just in case.
Some were in it to compete and others, seemingly just to say: “I did it.” Family members ran together, sacrificing time for companionship. Some gave up before theend, or just forwent the final leg. “My knees don’t run,” one man was heard saying.
But most finished the race, despite hiccups.

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