Unique season opener at Jessie Edwards

“20” x “20,” the opening exhibit of the 2020 season at the Jessie Edwards Gallery, will feature works of art that are all 20” x 20” in size and in a variety of media. The exhibit will be on display from Saturday, June 27 to July 10. With Block Island in the early stages of reopening, the reception will be a virtual one. A Zoom link will be released on June 27 in the morning over social media, and links to the 20” x “20” interviews with the artists will be made public that day.
Each piece conforms to the square format and creates an intimacy which, like a window, allows the viewer to glimpse what the artist is seeing and thinking. Each piece tells a different story about Block Island.
Kate Knapp uses lines of color to great effect. In Knapp’s piece, “Dorrie’s Cove Road Sunset,” the orange and pink hues from the setting sun light up the power lines that stretch both toward the viewer and to the water. The horizontal lines meet the vertical lines of the horizon, unifying the elements of land and sea.
During regular business hours, the gallery will be open to

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