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Update from Dr. Warcup

The following Covid-19 update was provided by Block Island Medical Center Director Dr. Tom Warcup on Saturday, Dec. 12:
UPDATE: Please know that the 40 + cases of COVID-19 is the total number of cases since the beginning of the pandemic. However, the majority of those cases have been confirmed in the past two weeks, so it is more important than ever to follow the prevention guidelines.
Please view the video update from Dr. Warcup:

Dr. Warcup’s update includes the following information:
-Like the rest of the state, we are experiencing a surge in COVID-19 cases.
-There are over 40 presumed positive cases in our community.
-It is critical that we use the tools we know work to control the spread:
            Wash hands frequently
            Physically distance from others
            Wear a mask! At all times when around others.
-The Medical Center has been approved to administer the vaccine when it is available.
-The state and the CDC regulate who is prioritized to receive the vaccine.
-First responders and medical personnel will receive the first round.
-We will announce when the vaccine is available for high-risk patients and the general public, there is no need

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