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Update from Medical Center

The following update was provided from Block Island Medical Director Dr. Tom Warcup on Saturday, July 18:
Access the video update by clicking on the link:

Or read the script below:
Hello to everyone from Dr. Warcup at the Block Island Medical Center:
Rhode Island is doing relatively well as a State, with just under 18,000 positive cases and 987 deaths, however there has been a recent uptick in cases.  RI’s 7-day average number of COVID-19-19 hospitalized patients is 55.  This represents a slight increase in our average and is the highest point since June 19.
Last Saturday there were 78 individuals admitted to RI hospitals which is our highest single day admission rate since June 12.
Rhode Island has an overall 2% positive rate based on individuals tested, but the 20-30 year old age group has a greater than 7% positive rate.  We are working as a community to help target those individuals for mask education and guidance at our various points of entry on the island.  Please help us by being good examples of mask wearing when in the community.
In regards to testing, there is and will be a greater delay

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